Getting real with …

In six episodes, HARTMANNMUELLER get to the heart of artists from the tanz nrw 23 programme: they act as interviewers and tease out details of their colleagues’ everyday work, their relationship to NRW and what else is currently on their minds. Shrill, colourful and with the usual touch of the 90s, HARTMANNMUELLER give a sneak peek into the festival programme.
A production by HARTMANNMUELLER, Fabian Schulz and the festival tanz nrw 2023.
Thanks to Christian Boesser/Studio Morgen for the location.

Website tanz nrw 23


Luisa Fernanda Alfonso

Cooperative Maura Morales

Maria Mecedes Flores Mujica

Özlem Alkış 

Yasmin Fahbod
Hiraeth Kollektiv

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