You are not alone

2016  /  Performance
Premiere 17.11.2016 / Fabrik Heeder, Krefeld

In „You are not alone“ HARTMANNMUELLER strip the here and now and escort the audience with repetitions and variations to astonishing dimensions of imagination. Somewhere between dream and reality lies this expedition, exposing a new reality with colors, light,  shadows and music. Each new discovery reveals illuminating insights which the both of them traverse like restlessly driven men. With increased physicality to the extreme the imagined becomes directly inscribed in their bodies and their experience. HARTMANNNUELLER make it their task to seduce the audience with a look at an unknown world and an irritating state of emotions.

A production by HARTMANNMUELLER, coproduced by the cultural office of the city of Krefeldand tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, sponsored by the cultural office of the state capital Düsseldorf, Kunststiftung NRW and the department of family, children, youth, culture and sport of the state of NRW.

Website Fabrik Heeder

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Choreography/Concept: HARTMANNMUELLER
Performers: Simon Hartmann, Daniel Ernesto Mueller
Music: Orson Hentschel
Light: Philipp Zander
Stage: Felix Ersig
Dramaturgy: Annette Müller
Photos: ©Dennis Yenmez, ©Peter Sawicki

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